I'm looking for a good clean rust free hood and boot in Galactic Blue for my 04 Vr6 GLI. Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
02 Saturn L100Bad engineGood transmission $200 exchangeLots of decent body parts, glass, temp control, seat belts. Call for the part you need
06 MontegoBad engine in this one. I do have a good engine in a Ford Five Hundred that fits this $400 exchangeGood transmission $900 exchangeLots of good parts
99 Dakota. Not selling whole truck, just partsBad fuel pumpSOLD ENGINEGood transmission DAKOTA 98-99 AT 4x2, 6-239 3.9L $400 EXCHANGERough seats and body. We pull the parts
99 CavalierBad steering column.Good engine - CAVALIER 99-00 2.2L VIN 4, 8th digit, gasolineGood transmission $200 EXCHANGE Sold drivers doorMany other parts
12 MalibuGood 2.4 engine $975 exchangeGood automatic transmission $475 exchangeSome good body parts leftMechanical parts come with a 30 day warrantyWHEELS HAVE BEEN SOLD
99 Escort 2 door ESCORT 98-99 AT DOHC Cpe, ZX2 Good transmission $400 exchangeESCORT 99 2.0L, VIN 3 8th digit, DOHC, thru 5299 Good engine $425 exchangeMany other good parts